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Thanks Andy for the great keynote that made us challenge our assumptions. Truly appreciated your taking the time to learn our business. The Assumpt! changed the way we think

Associate Director, Global Regulatory Affairs Bayer Health Care

Andy Cohen’s program on “The Assumpt” provided our participants with insights into everyday challenges in business communications where our assumptions hold us back from reaching our full potential

Chief Executive Officer Convention Industry Council

Your contribution made a major impact as participants internalized the concepts and applied them spontaneously over and over again during the subsequent workshops and discussions

Global Pharmaceutical Leader

I used Assumpt in front of the audience a few times and heard others use it as well. A very big thank-you for helping us set the scene for what ended up being a very successful Knowledge Forum

Program Director, IFC/The World Bank

Our members were energized by your presentation which encouraged them to both recognize and challenge their assumptions

CEO, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

The magic of the Assumpt is that it enhances critical thinking across all cultures

Co-Developer of Stanford University's Advance Leadership Program for Asian Executives

Thanks Andy for engaging so actively with the participants at OutNEXT! Many of them cited things they learned in your session either as part of their Action Item checklists or in a discussion of takeaways.

Program Director, OutLeadership

Our small business members were blown away by Andy’s presentation and the power of the Assumpt! Strategy. His ratings were unprecedented. The attendees loved it!

Education Chair, Entrepreneurs' Organization of New York

Every culture benefits by understanding how to make better decisions by managing their assumptions. Cohen’s Assumpt! is key.

Chief Representative I CKGSB (Americas)




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