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Why Andy’s Message Matters

The Assumpt! experience is about seeing things for what they are, or are not, so you can always make the best decision under any circumstance. More specifically, it is about ideas, opportunities, and solutions and how to get more of the right ones to drive your success in business and in life.

Consider this a journey that equips you with more arrows in your mental quiver. You will have more options to draw from when faced with change or what feels like insurmountable odds. Your journey begins with learning how to challenge your assumptions.

The more we treat assumptions as truths the more dangerous they become by:

  • Holding us back by keeping us stuck in doing the same things
  • Forming the wrong judgments
  • Limiting our thinking
  • Taking us down the wrong paths.
“Thanks Andy for the great keynote that made us challenge our assumptions.  Truly appreciated your taking the time to learn our business. The Assumpt! changed the way we think.”

Associate Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, Bayer Healthcare

Why Choose Andy

For an unforgettable, engaging, interactive and educational keynote experience that provides tools to sustain learning over time.

A contrarian viewpoint that assumptions are neither good, nor bad. It’s what you do with them, or don’t do with them, that result in good or bad outcomes.

As told through personal stories, executive interviews and business case histories, Andy’s systematic process helps you and your team understand:

  • The root of your assumptions
  • How to spot them
  • How to appreciate their power
  • How to manage your assumptions rather than have them manage you.
“Andy, I can’t thank you enough for your fantastic presentation and discussion on the Assumpt! This was such a fun and positive session for our team.”

Executive Vice President of Communications, HSBC North America

What is The Assumpt?

The Assumpt! is a strategy to enhance creative thinking, decision making and performance. The Assumpt! helps you make smarter decisions, enhance performance and think more creatively. What makes The Assumpt! different is that it encourages you to invest in your assumptions rather than deny making them. It’s a proven formula for challenging your day-to-day assumptions in order to generate more ideas, opportunities and solutions that drive success and enhance your career.

The Assumpt! provides you a competitive advantage. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” In today’s competitive atmosphere you are tossed with more and more problems at work as the pace of change intensifies. Using the same bat as before to hit them no longer works. You need ways to think differently to manage these changes. The Assumpt helps you use different bats, adapt your stance and shift your thinking.

This Assumpt! helps you think differently. As Benjamin Franklin said, “When everyone is thinking the same way, no one is thinking.” People in the same industry read the same websites, talk the same language and follow the same trends. They end up thinking just like each other. Same is true within organizations. The Assumpt! gives you the ability to break free of the traditional way of responding or doing something and explore what you or your peers consider “impossible” or “improbable”.

“Andy Cohen’s program on “The Assumpt” provided our participants with insights into everyday challenges in business communications where our assumptions hold us back from reaching our full potential. He challenged us to look differently at our assumptions not as truths but as beliefs and how that shift can help inform better communications and business decisions.”

Chief Executive Officer
Convention Industry Council